Beneficiary Registration

What does it mean to be a beneficiary?

The UTS Technology Fund programme is a unique fundraising tool. We provide registered beneficiaries the opportunity to use our programme for raising supplementary technology resources for their organisations. This programme is run on behalf of XracktMe by UTS, and includes management of the programme infrastructure, logistics, fund allocation, client service, query management, and reporting tools. Where XtracktMe provides the registered beneficiaries with various resources, such as customised application forms, website content and advice on how to use the programme to raise funds to support their technology infrastructure.

Tips on how to ensure the programme is a success for you.

  • Communicate with your supporters on a regular basis
  • Suggest they make use of the XtracktMe App, and our services, so that every time a supporter subscribes, you get a contribution of funds
  • We recommend trying to get a minimum of 1000 supporters to sign up to an XtracktMe service and select your organisation as their beneficiary
  • Keep your supporters updated on how best to use the XtracktMe App,  the benefits thereof, the amount of funds being raised for your beneficiary and how you are benefiting from these funds
  • Make sure you’re at events where you can sign up new supporters and ensure your current supporters keep supporting you
  • Make sure you include an XtracktMe information page on your website
  • Tag XtracktMe on all social media platform
  • Have marketing material to show potential supporters and encourage them to nominate you as a beneficiary

How to become a beneficiary.


1.1 a school that is registered with the Department of Education; or
1.2 a non-profit organisation (NPO) or a public benefit organisation (PBO) that is registered as an NPO or a PBO with the South African Revenue Services; and must focus on:
1.2.1 uplifting people with physical or mental disabilities, orphans or the vulnerable
1.2.2 uplifting people through education or social development
1.2.3 protecting the environment
1.2.4 protecting animals


  • a charity promoting religion (this includes institutions such as churches, mosques and temples)
  • a charity promoting a specific political group or orientation
  • a charity promoting specific social activism issues or views
  • a sports club or association
  • an interest or hobby group; or
  • a profit-making company
  • Individuals cannot qualify as a Beneficiary


Send us the following documents (by email only) so that we may process your application to be a Beneficiary:
2.1 The completed UTS Fund Beneficiary Application Form containing your full details and your signature indicating that you agree with our Terms and Conditions
2.2 A copy of your organisation’s letterhead
2.3 A copy of your organisation’s VAT registration form (if VAT registered)
2.4 A short (no more than 150 words) description of what your organisation does
2.5 A marketing plan setting out how you intend to manage your status as a Beneficiary.


2.5.1 how many supporters you currently have
2.5.2 how you stay in contact with them; and
2.5.3 how you plan to increase the number of Supporters you currently have.

Wait for us to contact you.

  • We will review your application based on the criteria we have determined, at our sole discretion.
  • The application review process takes 8 / 10 weeks from the time that we receive the completed application.
  • Failure to submit the required details and supporting documentation will result in your application not being reviewed and your application being declined.
  • We will contact you to let you know whether your application has been successful and to confirm the next steps.

Request an application.

To request an application form, please email

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