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 REGISTER your Profile

Once installed, complete the registration process detailed below.


Tick (to agree to the) Terms

Tick (to agree to the) Privacy Policy

-Click Register


Setup Permissions; allow XracktMe App to:

Make/Manage Calls: Click Allow 

Activate cellphone number

ENTER in your mobile number 

ENTER validation code (retrieve from your email)

Click Activate




Access your contacts: Click ALLOW

Access device’s location: Click ALLOW

Access photos and media: Click ALLOW

Allow to Record Audio, Click ALLOW

Allow to send and view SMS, Click ALLOW



Once the App has been validated, NAVIGATE through the menu and configure the App. 

Setup SOS

Message Receivers.
Add Emergency Contact (s)
Assign who will receive your SOS messages when the App is triggered.
Click ADD Contacts
Navigate back


Add SOS Message
Setup an SOS message that will send if the SOS function is triggered. The SMS will also contain your GPS coordinates, allowing your security service or loved ones to locate you.

Add I am safe message
Pre-set an ‘I am Safe’ message that will be sent when needed. 

Add a message, and-

Click SAVE
Navigate back



Switch ON the lock screen and/or ‘My Emergency Details’ to allow access when your screen is locked.
This will allow you to trigger the SOS function easily. To activate, click your power button and tap the centre of your phone’s screen three times.

SOS Emergency, select ON
My Emergency Details, SELECT ON
Select SAVE
Navigate back to Home Screen


Pre-set a message for your Security Company or Neighbourhood Watch Group (CPF). This can include your membership number authenticating you. Add your home address and vehicle number to help with identification/location. Your GPS coordinates will be sent along with this message.

ENTER Security Company Name
ENTER company’s mobile number (optional)
ENTER number to autodial (optional)

Complete the setup as detailed, and-

Select SAVE
Navigate back to Home Screen



If you are going out for a jog, cycle, or first encounter, you can set up a count-down timer to send a notification message to your selected ‘Watch Over Me’ contacts. To set up, follow the instructions below.

ENTER message you want your emergency contact to receive
SELECT interval
SELECT record media (optional)
SELECT ON notify receivers when safe (optional)


To activate Advanced Tracking, plug-in your headphone jack. This is the ideal way to activate the SOS in a panic situation; if unplugged, it will activate the SOS function, and GPS tracking will commence.

INSERT headset

To ensure your family locator has your latest position, activate GPS tracking, and set intervals. 

You can opt for 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 15-minute GPS interval updates.
SELECT Check for Wired Headset



In a medical emergency, having access to your medical history/details can save your life. Update your Emergency Details by following the simple process detailed below. 

Navigate back


Locate Me

This function will send an SMS with your location, with your GPS details attached, when activated. This is ideal if you are stuck on the side of the road and require a breakdown service or ambulance to come to your aid. To activate, follow the instructions detailed below.

ADD Contacts who can Locate me
ADD Contacts
ENTER the number of the person you wish to locate on the App. Once they approve your request, you will receive a message with a confirmation code you will need to enter.
ENTER Confirmation Code

When confirmed, you will be able to bring up their present location. If the GPS and cellphone data is off, you will see their last reported location with a date and time stamp.
SELECT Locate now

To track a person, click the ‘Contacts I can locate’ button, select the person you wish to locate and click Locate Now; the map will show their last known location with a date and time stamp.



As a parent, you can lock your tracking permissions. Tap the Lock button and enter your password. If the device is child locked, your tracking ability cannot be deactivated without re-entering the password. To remove a person tracking you, tap contacts details and delete, when asked.


XtracktMe’s Additional Services

SELECT Activate Services
SELECT Payfast Payment
COMPLETE the payment

UTS Special Deals:

Discounted DATA for students. Refurbished laptops at up to 50% less, UTS in Partnership with XtracktMe offers unique and UTS specific discounts to both Parents and Schools. To find out more, CLICK on the UTS SPECIAL DEALS tab.



Quick Access to:

Settings for Emergency Notifications
Settings for Family Locator
Forgot Password
Change Password


Add Message
ENTER Number / or, ADD Contact
Click SEND Coordinates
Navigate back to Home Screen



To activate these services, CLICK on the ‘handshake’. 

 SELECT Activate Services
SELECT Payfast Payment
COMPLETE the payment

If you have already purchased or been gifted an activation code:

SELECT Already Subscribed


Should a member activate this Service via the XM App, the process will be as follows:

Technical process:

Once triggered, the XM App will attempt to obtain the GPS/A-GPS coordinates, subject to LBS services being enabled by the member. If the coordinates are not obtainable, the XM App will trigger the panic alert (without coordinates) to XM’s 24/7 Emergency Call Centre.

Assistance protocol:

Once the panic alert is received, the emergency call centre will call the member within 30 seconds of receiving the first alert. After that, the member will be contacted an additional three times within 5-minute intervals.

Successful contact:

Once the member account has been verified, assistance will be arranged as required by the emergency. For instance, for medical help, the emergency call centre will transfer the call to ER-24.

Unsuccessful contact:

In the event the emergency call centre is unable to establish contact with the member, after four unsuccessful attempts, the emergency call centre will contact the South African Police Services; simultaneously, the emergency call centre will facilitate a call to the member’s private security company; and, as a last resort, the call centre will notify a private security company in the area to investigate.

Assistance protocol for assistance received via the Panic Assist dedicated phone line:

A similar procedure as detailed above will be followed. Members will be verified, and the appropriate emergency response will be dispatched. 



In a medical emergency, a crisis manager will immediately dispatch a road or air ambulance, staffed by life-saving support, and if needed, transfer the member to the closest medical facility.

Coverage is valued at R2500 – R5000, depending on distance and area*.


Once the member triggers the panic, an instant alert will be received at the ER24 EMS Contact Centre. The Contact Centre coordinator will attempt to reach the member telephonically.

The ER24 EMS coordinator will dispatch the appropriate unit once the exact nature of the distress call has been determined. The coordinator will also communicate with the next of kin (as specified on the member account) and keep them informed of the situation.

Where applicable, ER24 EMS reserves the right to bill your medical aid service provider for transport. Your coverage on our plan includes:

Emergency Response, Stabilisation – guaranteed

Medical Transportation – subject to the alternate reimbursement model

Emergency Medical Information – telephonic advice only

Medical Assistance Hotline – telephonic advice only

Telephonic Trauma Support Lines – telephonic advice only

Our team of medical professionals will prioritise a transfer based on medical conditions, the degree of urgency, the patient’s state and fitness to travel. Other considerations include but are not limited to the best mode of transport, as decided on by the ER24 EMS, airport availability, weather conditions, and distance to be covered as assessed by the Contact Centre medical expert. 


In a home emergency? Any sudden, unexpected or unforeseen event at your home requiring the immediate services of an expert tradesman to limit/minimise or prevent further damage to the house – we have you covered.

The Home Assistance service includes access to the following experts: 

  • Plumbers
  • Glaziers
  • Electricians
  • Locksmiths
  • Tree Felling
  • Beekeepers and Pest Controllers
  • Appliances (member will be assisted, but on a member-to-pay basis only)

*Valued: up to R2000 per member per annum. For exclusions and to learn more about the benefits, click here.



Available 24/day/365 days a year.

Road Patrols

This Service is provided nationally and includes Lesotho and Swaziland, with a limit of up to R800. In the case of towing, the first 60km are covered.

The coverage includes:

  • Change of a flat tyre.
  • Fuel assistance – the first 5 litres is covered, and the cost after that will be for the member’s account.
  • Flat battery –  jump-start covered for call out and one hour’s labour. Replacement of battery for the beneficiary’s account.
  • Keys locked in vehicle – unlocking only. The cost of replacing keys is for the member’s account.
  • Minor roadside – running repairs related to breakdowns. Mobile solution for Coil’s, Immobilizers, Fuses and limited assist on fan belts / Cost of fuel and parts for member’s own account / Cost of Battery Replacement for members own account.

*Toll fees are not inclusive within the benefit entitlement, and such costs will be for the beneficiary’s account.

Locksmith Services

If the road patrol cannot open a vehicle to retrieve the keys, the call centre will dispatch an accredited locksmith to the incident scene to open the car. This Service is limited to up to R800 per call out. The Service Provider will not cover the cost for repairs, the replacement of a lock or ignition switch or the cutting of keys.

Mechanical / Electrical Breakdowns

If under warranty, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest franchised dealer or the nearest repairer. The first 60km round-trip cost is covered (starting from the point of dispatch); after that, a charge of R6.00 ex vat per km is applicable and charged to the member.

*Toll fees are not inclusive within the benefit entitlement, and such costs will be for the beneficiary’s account.

Car Hire

If a vehicle has broken down more than 100km from the beneficiary’s home, the member will be covered for group-B car hire to complete their journey or return home. This Service is subject to availability, and the driver must have a valid credit card and driver’s license. The Service is limited to R500 and includes the costs of the daily car rental, unlimited-kilometre allowance, insurance fees and the delivery/collection charges of the vehicle to a maximum of 25km, respectively. The cost of fuel will be for the member’s account.

Overnight Accommodation

If car rental is not an option, arrangements can be made for overnight accommodation for the driver and four passengers. The Service is limited to R500.

Vehicle Repatriation

Should the member choose the car-rental option while the vehicle is being repaired, the Service Provider will pay towards the costs of providing the beneficiary with a 24-hour, group-B car hire to collect the car after repairs. Alternatively, a flight ticket can be arranged. This Service is limited to R500 and includes the daily car rental costs, unlimited-kilometre allowance, insurance fees, and the delivery/collection charges of the vehicle to a maximum of 25km, respectively. The cost of fuel will be for the beneficiary’s account.

*Toll fees are not inclusive within the benefit entitlement, and such costs will be for the beneficiary’s account.

Accident Tow

In an accident, the call centre will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest insurance approved motor body repairer (MBR) or member nominated repairer from the accident scene. Towing the first 60Km is covered. Additional costs will be for the member’s account.

*Toll fees are not inclusive within the benefit entitlement, and such costs will be for the beneficiary’s account.

Message-Relay Service

In the event of an electrical/mechanical breakdown or an accident, the call centre will, on request, relay any urgent messages to friends, colleagues or family members to advise them of the beneficiary’s circumstances.


Should it be required, arrangements will be made for the safe storage of the vehicle overnight or on weekends, up to a maximum of 4 days. The car will be relocated to the nearest approved dealer or competent repairer on the next working day. The cost of a second tow will be for the member’s account subject to the member taking direct control of the vehicle to an alternative destination, resulting in a second tow being required.



Home Drive:

Home Drive takes you and your car home safely. Your driving team consists of a backup driver and vehicle and a lead driver who will drive you home in their vehicle or, if preferred, in your car.

Convenience Drive:

If you require a driver’s assistance to get you from point A to point B in one of the Home Drive vehicles, our professional team of standby drivers will be at your Service.

*The benefit includes up to six (6) FREE Home and Convenience incidents to a radius of 50km per incident, valued at +- R2700. Any additional kilometres travelled will be charged at R9.00 per km. For other terms or to learn more, click here. 



24-hour Legal Assistance Service includes: 

Legal advice

The member and their immediate family are entitled to utilise the advice service as frequently as required, provided that the assistance shall be furnished to the member directly.

Free standard legal documents

If a member requires a purchase/sale, lease agreement, power-of-attorney, will, domestic employment agreement, ante-nuptial agreement, etc., these will be provided free of charge.

30-minute free consultation

Members are covered for a free initial 30-minute consultation at a total value of R850. The member will be referred to a lawyer who forms part of our national network for the consultation. After consultation, the member can elect to continue with that specific lawyer’s services at an agreed fee structure. Such fees will be for the member’s account. This consultation facility is limited to one consultation per matter.

Letter of demand

An assigned lawyer will write a letter of demand on behalf of the member. This is limited to one letter per event.

Find a Lawyer

If a matter requires litigation, a team of experts will assess all the facts and research the case thoroughly to ascertain the best approach. This benefit includes expert investigation and research into the matter to empower a member to make the correct decision when choosing an attorney.

Our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Assistance is available year-round on our 086-number.

Who is entitled to the Service?

The Service is provided to the member and their immediate family. Meaning, principal member’s a spouse/partner and their biological and legally adopted dependent and unmarried children up to age 21.


Valid for members, and members’ families, valued at R850 (30-minute free legal consultation)* The Service is limited to personal matters only. Business legal matters are excluded.