Security Companies

As a security provider you endeavor to provide your clients with the best service for their safety while offering value for money. At Xtracktme we aspire to do the same. Here’s  how we can assist you and your client in- Service, Safety and Value for money.

As a business you want to ensure your client remains with you  –  in this regard Xtracktme can help you with our Security APP.

When a member subscribes to our App for its services, they are asked to enter their existing security companies details.  In an emergency your company will be called and you will be informed that your client needs assistance. You do not want a 3rd party provider being dispatched to assist your client. Chance are they might move over to the new company.

Our App allows you to offer your clients a range of necessary services backed up by a 24/7 Nationwide Call Center .  You are the  responding provider should they be in your service area. However, if  they happen to be on Holiday or travelling out of your area, the same App will help ensure their safety as an armed response will be dispatched to their GPS location.

In addition your client will have the following extras
– Roadside assist
– Ambulance assist
– Handyman assist
– Driver assist
– Legal assist

please see the main site for details and values of the services.

For only R59 a month, this is an offer you can happily present to your client while being assured that they remain part of your security company.

Have a question in regards to the services, please complete the form and a Call Center representative will call you back to answer your questions.
If you have a question in regards to Xtracktme, please feel free to email me:
Leonard Gibson (director)